Ebola in NYC: CMJ Music Marathon festival shut down after Dr Craig Spencer scare

The doctor who tested positive for Ebola on Thursday had visited the venue

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New York's CMJ Music Marathon festival has been hit by the city's Ebola scare after a doctor tested positive for the deadly disease on Thursday.

Dr Craig Spencer had travelled from Harlem to Brooklyn on Wednesday night before being taken to hospital and diagnosed yesterday.

Once in Brooklyn, he visited a bowling alley and music venue, believed to be either Brooklyn Bowl or The Gutter in Williamsburg.

The latter chose to cancel its CMJ Music Marathon showcase event due to “unforeseen circumstances”.

The festival's opener was to be hosted by Brooklyn record label Goodnight Records with Big Sleep, Heaven, Sun Club and Friend Roulette lined-up to perform.

But later, on The Gutter released a statement on its Facebook page apologising to customers for any inconvenience.

"We've been in constant contact with the health department and they have determined that there was no risk to our customers," it read. "Closing today was simply a precautionary measure."

Brooklyn Bowl meanwhile remained open during the scare but addressed the issue on Twitter.

DJ Questlove, who works at Brooklyn Bowl, tweeted earlier that the venue is "open and clean" after a reported mix up with The Gutter. Brooklyn Bowl's official account retweeted his post, seemingly confirming it as accurate.

Spencer had been treating Ebola patients in West African country Guinea, working for Doctors Without Borders, but was unaware he had contracted the virus and did not self-quarantine.


New Yorkers soon took to Twitter to comment on the scare, with many criticising Spencer's decision to go bowling after being in contact with Ebola.

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