Every Death Grips track played at once is definitely one for your mum


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Following in a fine YouTube tradition of sequencing loads of things at once, every Death Grips song has been laid one on top of the other, and the results are maddening.

The video starts off reasonably coherent, but by 30 seconds sounds like a pack of wolves fighting a rogue army of fax machines in an aircraft hanger.

I stuck out the full six minutes and 11 seconds, and about halfway through found myself slightly hunched, cowering in the din.

By the five minute mark most tracks have shouted themselves hoarse, just a small legion of MC Rides still sounding, and by the final 30 seconds you’re left with the comparatively-soothing a cappella of ‘I Want It I Need it (Death Heated)’.

Frighteningly this isn’t actually every Death Grips track, just those off Exmilitary, NLDW and Gov’t Plates, and all have been stripped down just to the vocals.

This whole trend started when someone on YouTube decided to play every Friends episode at once, creating some sort of Dadist nightmare.