Frank Ocean interview: Thanks to Obama, a reporter was able to ask the Blonde singer a question

'Have you ever been to a state dinner?'

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Since the release of Channel Orange, Frank Ocean has been incredibly quiet when it comes to interviews, speaking to journalists only very, very occasionally and basically ignoring social media. 

Post-Endless/Blonde, Ocean’s barely appeared in public, doing little-to-nothing to promote the records, despite both being critically applauded.

However, thanks to President Barack Obama's final state dinner, Ocean finally spoke to a reporter and appeared in public, alongside his mum. Unfortunately, the interview wasn’t particularly revealing. 

"Do you wear Vans to a state dinner?'” asks the reporter for ABC News, to which he replies: “Uh, it’s my first time doing it. Probably because it’s my first time here.” Watch below, Ocean entering the frame at the 1.30 mark.

Three things we learnt: 1. Frank Ocean’s never been to the White House before. (Perhaps Obama only got into the ex-Odd Future member after Blonde?) 2. Checkered Vans are going to be a thing in 2017. 3. Ocean loves his mother. 

Three things we didn’t learn: 1. What happened between Ocean and Def Jam? 2. Why didn’t Ocean want either record to be eligible for the Grammys? 3. Is Andre 3000 a wizard?

Also attending Obama's final state dinner were the likes of Chance the Rapper, Jery Seinfeld, and various world leaders.  

Recently, Zane Lowe said he would be interviewing Ocean in Tokyo at some stage in the near future. Meanwhile, Obama revealed his ten favourite tracks to work out to.