Freddie Mercury's isolated vocals on 'We Are The Champions' will haunt you forever

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Queen's song 'We Are The Champions' is one of the most iconic in rock history.

But while fans may not want to hear any other version but the original, it's worth checking out quite how incredible Mercury's voice is, even when you strip away all the instrumentation. 

This version was uplaoded to YouTube in December 2015 with edited footage used to accompany the isolated vocals. 

Mercury's clear bravura tenor may sound rough at points, but the sheer range and tone he manages to achieve surely dispels any thought that this would sound better with technical help.

'We Are The Champions' is one of Queen's most popular songs - it reached number two in the UK singles charts and number four on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. 

In 2011, a team of scientists decided that the song was the catchiest in the history of pop music. 

Dr Daniel Mullensiefen said: "Every musical hit is reliant on maths, science, engineering and technology; from the physics and frequencies of sound that determine pitch and harmony, to the hi-tech digital processors and synthesisers which can add effects to make a song catchier.

"We discovered that there's a science behind the sing-along and a special combination of neuroscience, math and cognitive psychology that can produce the elusive elixir of the perfect sing-along song."