Future Islands: Letterman performance may become the bane of our existence

Snarling, hip-shaking routine could haunt the Baltimore band

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Future Islands have revealed that they fear that the performance on the Late Show With David Letterman which propelled them to fame may be a poisoned chalice.

We were one of the first publications to pick up on frontman Samuel T. Herring's impassioned performance on the talk show, which went on to receive over two million views on YouTube and spur on the release of their album "Singles".

The band are worried it's all they'll be remembered for however, telling NME: "The fear is that it becomes the bane of our existence.

"You don't want to be the band who did that one thing on Letterman and then everyone forgot about you. It's been kind of amazing.

"You can be the great band, but even after something like that, you want people to come back."

Future Islands have been touring hard since the performance, which Bono recently described as a "miracle", and play London's The Roundhouse in March.