Future Islands' Samuel T. Herring debuts silkiest moves yet on Jimmy Kimmel

Band performed 'Doves' and 'Spirit' from new album 'Singles'

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A couple of months ago Future Islands became maybe the first band ever to become the most talked about on the planet through sheer force of a TV performance alone.

Their Letterman performance of 'Seasons' snowballed its way around the internet largely thanks to frontman Samuel T. Herring, who cynics would say simply did some funny dance moves and the more positive would say gave one of the most impassioned, corporeal performances ever to grace Dave's stage.

Irregardless, they were able to back it up, with the Singles album they were there to promote turning out to be filled with phenomenal tracks up of the calibre of Seasons.

Another TV set was inevitable, but their booking on Jimmy Kimmel Live raised important questions. Would Herring do the side step again? What about the last-minute-aborted-fist-pump? The chest beat? Could he even top that dynamite routine?

The good news is he didn't jump the shark but thrust aggressively at it, getting sexy on the Kimmel stage as soon as the synths hit.

'Doves', a spine tingler that makes you want to croon in the mirror with a furrowed brow, was the best performance (and features the most badass moves), but 'Spirit' is worth checking out too.