Gary Barlow flooded with tax avoidance questions during Twitter Q&A

The Take That singer was asked to 'recommend an accountant' on Twitter

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He may be head judge on The X Factor, but Barlow was in the stand himself last night when a Q&A to promote his new album became flooded with tax avoidance questions.

The Take That singer was hosting the chat via his Twitter page ahead of Since I Saw You Last's release on Monday.

But instead of asking Barlow about his new album, a number of fans used the Q&A to question the singer about a tax avoidance scheme he is said to have invested in.

The singer was revealed to have invested £26 million in a tax avoidance scheme last year, along with bandmates Mark Owen, Howard Donald and Take That manager Jonathan Wild.

Described as a "tax shelter", the scheme had reportedly attracted close to £480 million from some 1,000 wealthy investors.

But Barlow dodged the tax-related quizzing last night, many of which referred to his 'hypocrisy' at encouraging people to give money on last Friday's Children In Need.

Despite his alleged avoidance efforts both on and offline, it was fans' tax questions that earned the most retweets and made the #askGaryBarlow hashtag trend.

Take That's lawyers argued the musicians had no intention of avoiding tax, believing their investments to be legitimate.

There was no mention that the scheme was illegal and former Take That members Robbie Williams and Jason Orange were not implicated in the scandal.

Here is a selection of the best #askGaryBarlow tweets: