Glass Animals video game lets you play Series 2 Episode 3

You can play it on your phone or on a desktop

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Glass Animals have made a video game for their song 'Series 2 Episode 3' [S02E03] and it's seriously addictive.

Posted on the band's Facebook page, you can play it on your phone or on a desktop.

"As we all know…S02E03 is about someone who sits around all day playing video games, web shopping, feasting on netflix and deliveroo between cigarettes," the band wrote on Facebook.

"The video was meant to visualize that and what happens when you spend too much time on a computer and you try to hit ‘undo’ when you drop your chicken nugget, or when you watch too much stranger things and you start to think you can maybe move things with your mind. In the video the main character's life turns into a video game... and now you can play that game!

"You can throw the skateboard you've never really used, you can play with your food, you can attack your crazy neighbour who makes too much noise doing what you can only imagine is building some kind of jetpack. But mainly and most importantly you can get points."

I managed to beat Dave Bayley's original score of 3,109 (4,207!) but reckon he will have topped that by now.

Try the desktop verson here.

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