Glastonbury 2014: Jerry Hall performs for first time in public with Paris-Texas and the Uke

The supermodel received a message of support from ex-husband Mick Jagger

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Jerry Hall and her new band Paris-Texas the Uke have performed for the first time in public at Glastonbury Festival.

The supermodel and ex-wife of Mick Jagger took to the tiny Spike stage in the Glade area with her bandmate Jeanne Marine, known as Bob Geldof’s new fiancé, this morning.

Hall and Marine are friends and named their group after their respective birthplaces, with the help of Geldof. The ‘Uke’ part reflects how there are three ukulele players in the band.

Paris-Texas and the Uke, opened proceedings on the stage after performing last night at a private fundraising event in nearby Pilton.

Marine writes the music and Hall writes the words, while Josh McLellan, Georgia Jagger’s boyfriend, produces their songs.


“We were always with the band, now we’re the band,” Hall told ITV News. “We’ve been lucky we’ve had these wonderful musical lives and seen all this wonderful music. Music is fun and, you know, why not?”

Jagger sent Paris-Texas and the Uke a message of support before their set, The Telegraph reports.

Meanwhile the Other Stage was opened with a surprise performance by the Kaiser Chiefs, warming up ahead of their headline slot on the John Peel Stage tonight.

Lead singer Ricky Wilson performed an energetic set, with the enthusiastic crowd singing along to their hit “Ruby”.

The second act on the Pyramid Stage was US indie band War On Drugs. They also attracted a large crowd, who cheered loudly as the sun finally came out during a break in the rain.