Glastonbury 2014: Lily Allen restarts music after thunder and lightning put end to Rudimental's set


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Glastonbury Festival’s Pyramid Stage, and all outside stages have had their power cut off, after thunder, lightning and hail stones struck during Rudimental’s set.

Update: Music has restarted on the Pyramid Stage as of 7pm

An announcer on the Pyramid Stage said: "We had to close down due to safety reasons".

One festival organiser said the closure is the biggest since 2005, the so-called "year of thunder".

It remains unknown when the music will recommence but Lily Allen's set has been promised "shortly".

Rudimental posted a message to their fans on Twitter following the outage.

"Thanks for an amazing experience #glasto, unfortunately lightning struck the stage and we were forced to finish our set early."

Fans began singing their own rendition of the British dance band's hit "Feel the Love" once they were taken off the stage two songs from the end.

Others have taken to Twitter to voice their anger and disappointment.

"Monumental cock-up at Glasto," wrote one disgruntled festival-goer, while another praised Rudimental's "top class swearing" as they were ordered to finish early.

Glastonbury revellers are set for a wash-out this weekend after weather forecasters issued a yellow warning with heavy rain expected to pour over Worthy Farm on Saturday.

The Met Office has issued a weather warning for the South East, which could see heavy rain showers accompanied by thunder and lighting on Saturday. Sunday and Monday morning are looking dry with sunny spells.