Glastonbury 2015 tickets: 5 reasons you shouldn't be annoyed if you missed out this year

There will certainly be mud so you might be the smug one come June

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This morning at 9am, thousands of music fans took part in a manic online scramble for Glastonbury tickets.

In just less than half an hour, all 150,000 tickets were declared sold out, and the annual deluge of depressed tweets from those who failed to bag some began.

Co-organiser Emily Eavis tweeted the announcement shortly before 9.30am.

"I'm sorry to everyone who missed out, so wish we could get everyone in,”" she wrote, adding that there will be a resale in the spring.

Eavis had raised hopes just eight minutes early by tweeting that there were still "plenty" of tickets left, with "almost half" sold.

So, congratulations to those who exercised their clicking, typing and refreshing skills to the high standard that Glastonbury ticket-buying demands, and commiserations to those not so lucky this year.

For the latter, less fortunate group, here are five reasons why you should keep your chin up and head to the pub this Sunday, instead of wallowing in your Glastonbury failure, believing the world is against you.

Reasons not to cry over Glastonbury tickets

It might rain and there will be mud. Sure, it might be burning sunshine all weekend but remember this is the UK, and sun is far from guaranteed. Think how smug you will feel when your friends are at Worthy Farm, their tents submerged in a field of mud, soaking wet with no dry clothes left. Last year, an electric storm even forced organisers to pull all power from the outside stages for at least an hour.

The loos. They stink, there's rarely any loo roll let alone hand sanitiser left, and someone is always reported to have fallen in (or willingly gone s***-swimming – you get some crazy people at Glasto).


You might not be keen on the headliners. It happened last year, when some fans wanted to resell their tickets once the line-up was announced. Not everyone was keen on the headliners – Arcade Fire, Kasabian and Metallica – but those no longer wishing to attend were unable to get any money back, or even give their ticket away, due to photo ID restrictions.

You can watch it on TV and then sleep in a nice, warm bed. Okay, we know, it's not even a fraction as fun, but we're trying to make you feel better here. There is no chance of sleep at Glastonbury – it's a 24/7 event and there is a high possibility of some stumbling drunk stamping on your head while you try to sneak a nap. Try and remember the joys of your bed and how easy it is to find, unlike one small tent among tens of thousands.

You get to skip the horrendous queues. Queues for the loo, queues for food and drink, queues to be able to see the stage and of course the worse queue of all – the queue to leave the site, hungover and shattered.