Gossip from the Brits 2013: Phone issues for Jessie Ware and Ed Sheeran; Boy George's Facebook trouble; Dave Grohl on Macca; and Mumfords & Sons on Robin Williams


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Overheard at the Brits 2013...

Ed Sheeran might have been mobbed by fans at the Brits last night but it was different story at the Grammy Awards a couple of weeks ago. “I have not got to the point in America where people give a shit about me,” the singer moaned, revealing that he couldn’t get into several of the after awards parties. “There were three that I couldn’t get into. Yeah, weird.” But it isn’t all bad for the star, who conceded: “I think that is always going to happen, that humbles you.  You know to be someone that can just walk into a party without any hassle, you know, it’s good to be human.”

Jessie Ware might have missed out on a Damien Hirst statuette but at least the singer can save the money she would have spent calling overseas relatives. When she found out she was nominated for two Brit Awards she didn’t dither on the phone because she was worried about her phone bill. “I was in the Ukraine and my manager called me and I’m so tight when I’m away because I don’t have a good enough package yet, that I was like really what do you want?  Like is this worth it because I really don’t want to be speaking and costing.  He was like I think you want to hear this.  You’re up for two Brits.  I was like okay fine, we can chat this is fine, okay,” she said.

Muse’s Chris Wolstenholme was underdressed for the awards complaining of the cold. “I need another t-shirt, I need another layer of something,” he said, before adding that even the orchestra due accompany the band on stage was wearing more than him (more make-up, that is): “We’ve got a full orchestra tonight they are kind of on this big, I don’t even know what you call it, it’s three platforms behind us and they are all kind of wearing weird make up and it’s the first time we’ve done a full orchestra like that live I think.”

Mercury Prize-winners Alt-J were having trouble fitting in at last night’s awards despite having three nominations. Band member Gus Unger-Hamilton said: “You can’t really prepare yourself for an event like this, it’s so massive.  I mean the people who are here are just incredibly famous and we’re just... We got out of our car and the first thing we heard is someone go, ‘Who’s that?’ and then someone said, ‘I don’t know’[laughs].” Talking fondly of the time Jarvis Cocker decided to moon Michael Jackson, Gus hinted he’d be keen to do the same, but for other reasons: “My suit trousers are really tight and I’m probably going to unbutton them at the table, so if we win anything there’s going to be an embarrassing moment where I’m trying to do up my trousers and go and accept an award.” Luckily for us, they didn’t.

A very slim-looking Boy George was slightly disgruntled when asked about his new training regime. “I don't want to talk about it,” he said. “Follow me on Twitter and you can get all the info.” The Eighties star is having trouble getting a handle on his social networking profile. He apparently had to persuade the owner of Twitter handle @boygeorge to allow him to have it and Facebook is another story entirely: “I've got my own kind of official Boy George fan page, but I actually don't own my Facebook page which I mean, really … I'm fuming.”

Surprise double winner of the night Ben Howard said he never really followed the Brits before he was nominated. “I never followed [the Brits] too much. I think my parent's record collection was always a bit too old. I definitely saw bits of it. Yeah, it's exciting to be here and part of it but someone asked me what my favourite Brit moment was and I was like, to be honest, I probably saw about 20 minutes of it in total in my whole life. So…”

Foo Fighter and Nirvana legend Dave Grohl shed some light on his recent collaboration with Paul McCartney, explaining that his recent jamming session with the remaining Nirvana members was something of a practical joke. “We were pranking him…He had never met Pat and Chris before and I told him that some friends were going to show up and so really when he walked in it it was funny…he walked in and we were ready to jam and we just started playing and first nobody thought there was any historic significance to it, it was just like ‘Oh, okay let’s jam.’ So about halfway through the day I thought, ‘This is weird. This is like Nirvana but with Paul.’ It’s insane.”

Nice guys Mumford & Sons were having a little trouble with last night’s line-up. “Every time we try and say Robbie Williams we can’t. We say Robin Williams,” said Marcus Mumford, hastening to add: “We’re not making fun of Robbie Williams because I genuinely love some Robbie Williams songs.”

Seen at the Brits 2013...

Lana Del Rey locking lips with boyfriend Barrie-James O'Neill on the red carpet and fuelling engagement rumours by wearing a very sparkly silver diamond on her ring finger.

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