Pharrell Williams channels Grand Budapest Hotel in insane Grammys performance

'Happy' (Mickey Mouse Mime Nightmare version)'

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Pharrell Williams performed 'Happy' like a man who has performed 'Happy' 10,000 times already this year at tonight's Grammys, wearing a bell boy outfit and conversing with a disembodied voice about hot air balloons that go to space.

Viewers were promised a "very special" performance of his world-conquering track and weren't disappointed, with its omnipresent chorus getting a new unhinged version, full of apocalyptic, stabbing strings. Basically what it must sound like in Pharrell Williams' head.

The performance featured a bizarre intro in which he did a sort of mime act and remarked: "I'm a hot air balloon that could go to space... With the air like I don't care so baby by the way."

He explained the bell boy outfit by saying he "lives to serve" his fans.

Sia's Chandelier was probably the other most talked about performance of the night, with Kristen Wiig donning a nude leotard and dancing for her.

Beyonce also sang to a chorus of 'prayer hands' emojis on Twitter and Kanye West performed twice, once alone and once with Rihanna and Sir Paul McCartney.

Most importantly, Kim Kardashian arrived to the ceremony dressed as Nature Boy Ric Flair.


Sam Smith won pretty much every award.