Axl Rose plays down Guns N' Roses reunion 2016 world tour rumours

Rose will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live next week to discuss the speculation and (probably) confirm the plans

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Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose has commented on recent reunion rumours by insisting that the “only thing confirmed” is his love of US fast-food chain Taco Bell.

The “Paradise City” singer is reportedly set to headline Coachella in April with the band’s original members, including lead guitarist Slash, before embarking on a world tour. It would be Rose and Slash’s first time on stage together since 1993.

Guns N’ Roses fans have been celebrating after Billboard announced that “various inside sources” had confirmed the news as true, but there is yet to be an official statement.

Rose is the first bandmate to have his say, tweeting early this morning:

He will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live next week to discuss the speculation, according to Rolling Stone. It is expected that the hotly-awaited confirmation will be saved until then when he can talk about it in person.

Reports first began circulating after Guns N’ Roses started selling merchandise featuring their iconic guns-wrapped-in-roses logo, with bandmates separately hinting that they were ready to reform.

In the last week, the band’s Facebook page has been updated with a cover photo of a live crowd, their official website shows the logo and a video of “Welcome to the Jungle” playing over clips of dancing crowds has been showing before screenings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Slash and Axl Rose performing in their heyday

Slash recently said that there is no longer any “animosity” between himself and Rose after the pair’s long-standing feud. “Over time we all just got sick and tired of the black cloud,” he told CBS News. “The biggest thing that happens when you have a break-up that is less than harmonious is you build up a bad energy because of the distance. The bad feelings get exaggerated.”

To date, Guns N’ Roses have sold more than 100 million albums worldwide.