Here's how much it would cost to book your favourite band

Fees for top acts are over $1 million

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A booking agency has issued a list of fees for bands and artists ranging from the Kanye Wests and Killers of this world to the Danny Browns and Wavves, making for fascinating reading.

The list shows just how unaffordable it would be to have Flo Rida play your wedding (if you were so inclined), while smaller but nevertheless well known acts are a relative bargain.

Third party booking agency Degy Entertainment produced "a list of rates suggested by the artists’ agents per show, pre-expense" for Priceonomics, finding Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and Madonna to be the most expensive acts with projected fees of over $1 million.

The list should be taken with a huge vat of salt, with the agency specialising in concerts for colleges and actual fees being subject to a huge number of variables and factors, but it still serves as a rough idea of the sort of costs involved.


Live shows are now far and away the best way for artists to make money, after the arrival of the internet hugely depleted incomes from recorded singles and albums.