'I just want to get home and watch Match of the Day': The Specials frontman Terry Hall admits the agony of being in an aging rock band during gig

'I could get home, I could have something to eat, I could have a w*nk. Make it easy for me.'

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What started as a routine telling-off of a crowd member throwing a can turned into a full blown meltdown at a Specials gig in Nottingham this week, when Terry Hall told fans he just wanted to get the gig over as quick as possible so he could get home to "have a w*nk" and "watch Match of the Day".

The incident speaks to that sort of lacklustre performance you get from bands who have been playing the same songs for over 30 years and are only there to keep themselves in new sets of golf clubs.

"Woah woah woah woah woah, oi, nobhead, what's a f*cking can doing on the stage?" Hall shouts at someone in the crowd in a fan-filmed clip.

"Are you f*cking thick? C*nt, you're a little c*nt mate."

He then asks security to remove the man, with the crowd still on his side at this point, before fuming: "We're not here to be lobbed at.

"Seriously, don't let it happen again, because I want to get back for Match of the Day and this'll make my life a lot f*cking easier."

[Hall checks his watch]

"I could get home, I could have something to eat, I could have a w*nk and then watch Match of the Day. D' you know what I mean? Make it easy for me."

Yes, calm it down ticket-paying customers keeping the band alive, this man wants to get into his pyjamas!

One YouTube commenter summed up the reaction to the video: "Started thinking.. yeah he's ok. Ended up thinking what a w*nker."