Iggy Pop likes to watch Countryfile: 'I thought it was a beautiful programme'

The singer revealed his taste in TV while delivering the John Peel Lecture

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Iggy Pop has revealed that he is a secret fan of Countryfile.

The 67-year-old punk rocker made the rather unexpected admission while delivering the BBC Music John Peel Lecture 2014 on the topic of Free Music in a Capitalist Society.

In the lecture at Radio Festival 2014 in Salford, Iggy hit out at the modern music industry which he said is “laughably maybe almost entirely pirate”, but said he understands that some music fans who access tracks for free do so because they have been “totally left out, screwed and abandoned”.

However, the talk turned to television when New Order musician Bernard Sumner suggested that the public’s refusal to not pay for music made them as bad as music executives.

In response Iggy said that musicians need to “diversify” in response to the changing times.

“Diversify, Bernard,“ he said. ”Present some bird watching show.

Iggy continued: “Did anyone see Countryfile last night? Countryfile was great.

"There was this guy out there who drove his camper [van] into the woods with his computer and recorded birdsong. Then he'd imitate it himself, put it in the computer and mix it in with music to create something.

“The presenter was on about...what was the man's name? Vaughan Williams. And the music in relation to the country.

“I thought it was a beautiful programme.”

Fans could well be in for a surprise when Iggy releases his next album…