Internet outrage watch: Everyone thinks Macklemore is a racist/anti-semite because he wore a silly costume

Rapper says he was just having a silly fun time everyone calm down

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What are people on the internet tutting about in order to look really morally robust and cool this week? Why it's Macklemore in a novelty costume.

The rapper played a surprise show at Seattle's EMP Museum on Friday night, wearing a disguise of a curly black wig, bushy beard and a large prosthetic nose.

Seth Rogen tweeted:

Immediately the internet went 'Hey! That kind of looks like a Jewish caricature!' and 'Hey! He has a song called Thrift Shop!' and Twitter searches for 'Macklemore racist' brought up hundreds of results.

But wait a second, is Macklemore really the type of guy to make an anti-semitic joke? And the most obvious, painfully slapstick one of all time at that?

Was he like, 'Dude, I should go on stage dressed as a Jew and ridicule the religion! People will be so into that!'? even though he has made enough money to buy a private jet made of parmesan cheese by trying to be the most progressive and liberal guy in rap music, to the point where he staged a horrifically saccharine mass same-sex wedding at the Grammys?

Eventually he was forced to tweet:

Which I take to be true - a misjudged costume in an era when people will pounce on you for any opportunity to show their moral superiority.