Is Kendrick Lamar about to drop a remix of Kanye West's All Day? Listen to a snippet

Six seconds of it have surfaced online

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A Kanye West – Kendrick Lamar collaboration might finally be on the way, with the two greats coming together on a remix of 'All Day'.

This is a weird one. Rumours of a 'Kendrick Lamar remix' have been circulating all morning but are unsubstantiated.

They stem from this clip of K-Dot rapping over its beat:

'Chi-Town we play for the freebase / These days don't believe what police say / DJs on the beatwaves scratch shit'

It's definitely him, but it's weird hearing him talk about 'Chi-Town' (Kanye's native Chicago) when he's obviously from Compton.

Kendrick has a songwriting credit on the original 'All Day', so perhaps this snippet was just a few lines he came up with when riffing with Kanye in the studio?

Let's be optimistic though, I'm hoping for a new version on Kanye's upcoming So Help Me God album with a fire verse from Kendrick.

It certainly would be nice to hear him on a banger again, after the spectacular but pretty avant garde To Pimp A Butterfly.