Is there anyone left to go Gangnam?


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Almost as popular as the implausibly catchy K-pop song “Gangnam Style” is the habit of making parodies of the track.

A quick search on YouTube brings up endless pages of home-made versions, the latest (and, admittedly, one of the best) coming from dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. This came shortly after the song’s creator, Psy, taught Ban Ki-moon, his Korean countryman and the general secretary of the UN, the dance, inset. Before that, everyone from Philippine prisoners to a group of pupils at Eton had treated the internet to their version of the dance.

Who is next to join in the craze? Aung San Suu Kyi, perhaps? Maybe Her Majesty the Queen could take the “horse dance” to Horse Guards Parade? Or will it not stop until the late Elvis Presley has returned from the grave to give his hips a work out, Gangnam Style?