Jamie Oliver x Ed Sheeran: the rap video no-one wanted

Fully the worst thing ever committed to MP4

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The most readily available names in pop have come together to make a charity track for Food Revolution Day, and it makes Band Aid look like f**king Tosca.

The video opens with Jamie Oliver and Ed Sheeran just vibing out in the kitchen, draining some penne and fooling around with riffs on the guitar. Then Jamie Oliver raps. He raps. He raps with all the flow of an oven dish.

Paul McCartney sings the hook meanwhile, repeating the word "revolution" from behind a redundant acoustic guitar, the soul draining from his eyes, with Professor Green also there to bring his 'YouTube vertical video of a sixth former doing a grime impression in the common room' vibe to the mix.

Hugh Jackman is there for some reason, offering a little spoken word, dancing, but sadly not exuberantly measuring anything.

Oliver's Food Revolution Day is aiming to lobby governments to commit to offering children a better food education, specifically by targeting cabinet minister's weakness for novelty rap it would seem.

"My name is Jamie Oliver / I'm hear to say / I wanna talk about Food Revolution Day," he spits. "Half the world is starving with too little to eat and the other half the world die for being obsese."

Here's your bonus GIF of Hugh being a dad in the studio: