Jamie xx confirms new The xx album is 'coming', along with his own debut album

Trio's last album Coesxist was released in 2012

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Jamie xx has revealed he is in the mixing stages of his debut album, while a host of fresh songs have been written for a new xx album.

The producer's debut will "collect three years' worth of music", while his band's LP will be the follow-up to Coesxist which was released in 2012.

"We've got quite a lot of songs that are not finished, but I'm excited about it," he told Fader. "It feels a lot more free than when we were making the last record."

The three-piece were originally recording their new album in Iceland and Texas, but have returned home to London to complete it.

"I think the most inspiring thing, really, is just not being anywhere crazy and just being at home," Jamie added.

His debut album is all but finished, bar "one track where I need to get the vocal on, but I don't know who the vocalist is going to be yet."

The xx told NME recently that they're "feeling inspired and ready to go".

"We played a lot of big stages on tour in the past year, and that's something I'm sure will come through in the next album," said singer Romy Madley Croft. "We've all lived a lot of life recently, which the new songs will reflect."