Just Kanye West making beats in economy class

'Fresh off the plane "konichiwa" bitches'

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How good would your domestic flight be if, instead of having an armrest-hogger with a precariously balanced gin & tonic sat next to you, there was Kanye West, nodding his head furiously to some jams?

This is what happened to one passenger, who was presumably stunned to find himself sat next to Yeezy, a man you'd usually imagine to travel exclusively by private sedan chair carried by jaguars.

My favourite thing about this video, which actually dates back to 2011 but went viral again this week, is that it was shot during safety checks.

A stewardess can be heard warning against using electronic devices during takeoff, as Kanye taps at his laptop and nods to the beat, headphones completely visible.

A new album from the rapper has been in the pipeline for a while now, originally titled So Help Me God but now changed to the completely antithetical 'SWISH'.

He recently featured on A$AP Rocky's new album, and according to Ed Sheeran contributes the only guest verse on The Weeknd's next release.