Justin Bieber hit by bottle and storms off stage stage in Brazil

The singer upset hundreds of fans when he did not return to sing 'Baby'

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Justin Bieber stormed off stage in Brazil after a fan threw a bottle at the singer.

The bottle knocked the microphone out of the singer’s hand while he was performing his song “Boyfriend,” provoking him to walk off stage during his Sao Paulo concert.

He did not return to sing his usual encore song “Baby,” which fans were expecting to hear.

Teenage fans were left waiting 30 minutes for the 19-year-old singer’s return, but had to leave when his entourage started packing the equipment away.

Bieber, who was kicking off the Brazil leg of his Believe world tour, had already irritated fans by arriving an hour and 20 minutes late to the Anhembi Arena, according to reports.

Writing for Brazil’s R7 entertainment website, Felipe Gladiator said of Bieber's exit: “The scene was so shocking that even the dancers could not believe what they saw. Fans did not understand and did not leave their seats for a long time, waiting for him to return to finish the show.”

She added: “The music was left out, the ego took over, the blood rose and the young rebel singer left. A night of fun was overshadowed by a few seconds of anger and immaturity.”

Bieber fans took to Twitter to apologise on behalf of the person who threw the bottle, tweeting with the hashtags #SorryJustinFromBrazil and #BrazilSorryJustin.

The incident came a day after tabloid reports that the singer allegedly visited a high-end brothel in Rio de Janeiro.

A person with arm tattoos appearing to match the singer’s was spotted covered in a sheet leaving the Centauros club.

The Canadian singer has been at the centre of a number of negative headlines this year, including lashing out at a photographer in London, urinating in a restaurant mop bucket and having to abandon his pet monkey in Germany.