Kanye West dancing to the Friends theme is a good bit of internet

He'll be there for you, when the VISION and CREATIVITY starts to pour

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Kanye West was spotted vibing out in the crowd to The Weeknd at the VMAs on Sunday, a big fan of the R&B artist whose new album he contributed some production to.

But what's better than watching Kanye dance to 'Can't Feel My Face'? Watching him dance to a beautiful-synced Friends theme.

Here's the widely-retweeted video:

As 'Kanye dancing to things' videos go, its second only to this superbly executed video of him busting some shapes to Kendrick's 'King Kunta'.

When not dancing to nostalgic hits, Kanye West is making plans to run for President of the United States of America.

He announced that he would be running in 2020 during his 12-minute VMA speech, which also saw him discuss his Taylor Swift stage invasion and the futility of award ceremonies.