Kanye West gives spectacular rebuttal against PC culture and censorship of art over Taylor Swift line

'That’s why music is so f*cking watered down right now.'

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Kanye West uses the words ‘bitch’ and ‘Taylor Swift’ in the same sentence on his new album, and after it debuted last night the internet predictably went apoplectic, claiming that Swift was furious about the “misogynistic” line.

West’s side of the story is very different - claiming that he spoke at length with Swift about the line (‘I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, I made that bitch famous’) and that she actually came up with it.

He also referenced the backlash to the line about his wife Kim Kardashian (‘I bet me and Ray J would be friends / If we ain’t love the same bitch / Yeah, he might have hit it first / Only problem is I’m rich’), and argued against the censorship of music.

“First thing is I’m an artist and as an artist I will express how I feel with no censorship,” he wrote. “Stop trying to demonize real artists. Stop trying to compromise art…That’s why music is so fucking watered down right now. I miss that DMX feeling…I miss that feeling  so that’s what I want to help restore…They want to control us with money and perception and mute the culture."

West’s tweets:

There’s still no word on when we’ll actually get to hear the CD-Q version of the album, with fans having to make the most of the Tidal live stream for now.