Kanye West: Lupe Fiasco talks the toll of touring as rapper ‘gets closer to being discharged’

'When you not performing you thinking about performing. And when you not thinking about performing, you performing.'

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Kanye West has remained in hospital over the weekend after being taken in last Monday for  ‘dehydration and exhaustion’.

According to TMZ, West has been ‘paranoid and profoundly depressed’ all week, initially not letting the doctors touch him as he believed they were out to get him.

The hope is apparently to get him home on Monday (28 November), where he will be under the care of his personal doctor.

Several rappers have shown their support for Kanye, including his CRS collaborator Lupe Fiasco, who gave a speech about how mentally draining tour can be during his Sacramento show earlier in the week.

“When you not performing you thinking about performing,” he told the crowd. “And when you not thinking about performing, you performing. When you not performing, you recovering from performing. When you not recovering from performing you gotta prepare yourself to perform again. That’s hard, and every night’s not gon’ be your best night, every night not gon’ be your worst night. Every night gon’ be like every other night, we gotta take it how it is and rock wit’ it.”

He continued: “And with that said, we wanna send prayers out to my big bro Kanye. He say a lot of goofy sh*t sometimes, but he from Chicago, so it don’t even f*cking matter.

He urged fans to stick with Kanye during this trying time.

“Go through history, look at the people that’s been in this business, gave their heart and soul to this business, the things that they lost, and things that they go through so just have patience,” he said. 

“Don’t let it turn into anger, don’t let it turn into cynicism, if you appreciate the work that the brother put in for you, and he supported you and helped you out from a distance with his music, just hold on to that moment.”