Kanye West's new album Swish hasn't leaked, despite claims from Reddit user

Today's 'listening party' leak probably isn't the real deal

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Kanye West fans are getting so thirsty for a new album that even small details such as the name change from So Help Me God to Swish (if it even ends up being called that) have been the subject of fierce debate.

Everyone lost their collective sh*t this morning then, when a Reddit user claimed to have uploaded a full recording of the album from a listening party.

Unfortunately for the impatient, it probably isn't genuine.

For starters, it would be surprising if Kanye had started holding listening parties despite the album reportedly not yet being finished, let alone take the risk of holding them in the first place.

Then there's the leak itself, which is verging on 'unlistenable', mostly consisting of gargles and white noise, with the only intelligible snippets suspiciously coming from songs we've already heard.

One r/hiphopheads user also pointed out that one audible "woah" in it was lifted straight from a YouTube video.

Finally, if this is the real deal, why did the person do such a lousy job of recording it? Smartphone microphones are pretty good by this point, and would only record to this terrible quality if the man was submerged in 200 litres of blancmange.

It looks like we'll have to wait a while longer for Swish then, which is supposed to be coming late summer 2015, though at least there's a Kanye – The Weeknd collab to look forward to.