Kanye West's new music video for Only One is just him walking around with North West

He still got the Oscar-winning Spike Jonze to direct it though

Kanye West's obsession with minimalist music videos continues, as his latest for Only One is just him walking around in a park with his daughter North West shot on a handheld camera.

A year ago Kanye dropped into The Ellen Show to debut his Bound 2 video, which consisted of Windows screensaver-esque vistas and  him having sex with Kim Kardashian on a motorcycle.

Now he has returned to the show with another familial video, albeit a SFW one.

Featuring Paul McCartney, Only One sees Kanye talking to North through his late mother, it's a simple and sweet song, and the video follows suit.

He still got Oscar-winning Her director Spike Jonze to shoot it though. Classic Kanye.

The rapper is expected to release a new album this year, which Only One may or may not feature on.

Seth Rogen's heard it, West collared him in the lobby of a New York hotel last month, took him to his limo and rapped the album to the actor and his wife in its entirety.