Kendrick Lamar's new album is done and his 10-year-old brother has the only copy

'That's my A&R right there, he tell me what he like'

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Kendrick Lamar has implied that his new album is finished, saying that his little brother (and de facto A&R) has the only copy.

Kendrick dropped into DJ Whoo Kid's radio show for a half-hour interview, and the long-craved new album inevitably came up.

"Is it in a vault, who has a copy so I can check it out?" Whoo Kid asked him.

"A copy? You gonna have to go through my little brother, he's 10 years old," Kendrick replied.

The DJs laughed but Kendrick seemed deadly serious.

"No, real talk. He has the album and he tell me what he like. That's my A&R right there. Sophisticated ear."

"He's in somebody's elementary [school] right now, telling 'em: 'Watch.'"

If not completely finished, further edits are still very possible, it sounds as though the album is well on the way to completion.

He may have inadvertently painted an X on his brother's back though, with one Reddit user joking: "People are gonna beat this little boy down for the lunch money and a new Kendrick verse."

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Kendrick also discussed working with funk legend George Clinton during the interview, but didn't say whether or not this collaboration would feature on the album.

The Good Kid Maad City follow-up is still set for release before the end of the year, and may have few guest verses because Kendrick has "so much to say".