Lady Gaga hits a billion online video views

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Lady Gaga music videos have had over a billion online views, says analyst Visible Measures.

The company regularly compiles a 100 Million Views Club, which ranks video content views across numerous websites.

Sitting at the top of the list is hip hop artist Soulja Boy's Crank Dat with a staggering 722,438,268 views, followed by a Twilight New Moon trailer which has been seen around 639 million times.

But Lady Gaga's collection of racy music videos puts her in a class of her own - with over a billion views. This, says Visible Measures, makes her the most successful artist in the 100 Million Views Club.

This was achieved with only three songs - Poker Face (374m), Bad Romance (360m) and Just Dance (272m).

Her new video Telephone, with Beyonce, should further increase her web credentials.

User generated content making the list is David After Dentist - a kid pondering the meaning of life after a dentist visit - which has over 113 million views. Sneezing Baby Panda, after originally being uploaded over three years ago, has finally made it onto the list with 108m.

Source: NZ Herald