Lana Del Rey shares 'Honeymoon' on YouTube

The singer has been teasing the title track from her new album since June

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Lana Del Rey has shared the title track from her upcoming third album on YouTube after teasing fans since June.

"Honeymoon" is melancholic and beautiful in the 30-year-old singer's trademark noir, orchestral style with the lyrics reflecting its theme of inevitable pain in love.

"We both know that it's not fashionable to love me/ But you don't go cause truly there's nobody for you but me" is how the first verse opens before talk of "roses in between thighs" and "guns that blaze around you" continues Del Rey's focus on risk and violence.

The song's video accompaniment opens with a shot of Del Rey lying in the grass by a road with muddied feet before the camera pans to a blue truck that has stopped nearby.

The rest of the track is accompanied solely by a gorgeous vintage design lyric sheet until the very end, when the video cuts to fuzzy black and white footage of what appears to be sunlight breaking through trees.

Reactions have been mixed with most fans loving what they are hearing but others casting doubt over how similar it is to her last record Ultraviolence.

Del Rey's next album is believed to be due out in September with a release date yet to be confirmed.