Lenny Kravitz literally rocks his pants off in ultimate #penisgate wardrobe malfunction

Steve Tyler sent the rocker a text message saying he was gutted to have missed it

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Lenny Kravitz has laughed off his accidental indecent exposure after quite literally rocking his pants off on stage.

The US rocker had yet to make it through the first song of his set at Stockholm's Grona Lund theme park on Monday when the crotch of his leather trousers ripped open, revealing his penis to the shocked crowd. That's right, he was going commando.

From photos of the wardrobe malfunction that quickly began circulating, it looks like Kravitz's impressive guitar moves were too energetic for his skin-tight clothes.

Yes, there are pictures, that we won't publish here, but if you really want to you can find them by clicking on the below tweet. NSFW, obviously.

The "Fly Away" singer, 51, left for a change of outfit after realising what had happened and covering his privates with his hand.

Fans at the show told local newspaper the Expressen that Kravitz soon returned and said: "Sorry, I ripped my trousers."

It wasn't until last night, however, that he actually addressed the *ahem* revelation, via a retweet of a text message sent to him by Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler.

"Dude, no underwear and pierced...f**k me. You never showed me that s**t," Tyler had written, with Kravitz adding the hashtag #penisgate.

Sweden is proving a risky place for musicians to play of late, with Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl breaking his leg after falling off stage in the country earlier this summer.