Liam Gallagher no longer thinks Coldplay's Chris Martin is a plant pot: 'They’re all right man - Chris is cool'

'I take back everything I’ve ever said about you. You sound f**king really good'

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After making a surprise appearance at Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester concert, Liam Gallagher has maintained his place among the headlines by attacking brother Noel.

Notably, the ex-Oasis frontman played classic ‘Live Forever’ with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, igniting a huge singalong around Manchester’s 50,000-capacity Old Trafford.

Gallagher has previously spoken harshly about Martin, once saying he “looks like a geography teacher” and likening the singer to a “plant pot”.

However, talking about Coldplay and Martin with a Dutch radio station after playing Pinkpop Festival, Gallagher was much more positive. 

“They’ve never sounded so good have they, Coldplay?” he said. “I was like, ‘F**king hell, you sound good man. I take back everything I’ve ever said about you. You sound f**king really good.'”

When asked about being linked with Coldplay into the future due to the duet, he said: “I don’t mind. Listen, man. They’re all right man. Chris is cool.”

Gallagher recently called brother Noel a ‘sad f**k’ for not appearing at the One Love Manchester concert, a spokesperson for Noel explaining: "He's been out of the country on a longstanding family trip since before the concert was announced and is unable to attend.”

The concert also featured appearances by Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, viewers around the world donating £2 million in just three hours while they were performing.