Louis Tomlinson named 'master of all wisdom' by One Direction fans after slamming Naughty Boy for Zayn Malik single

Never underestimate the power of the fandom

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One Direction fans have been on a rollercoaster over the past 24 hours. First Zayn Malik releases his new single with British producer Naughty Boy, then Naughty Boy upsets people with a video flaunting his relationship with Zayn, then Louis Tomlinson hits out at the behaviour to the delight of the fans – and this is just on Twitter.

Malik’s first solo effort, entitled ‘I won’t mind,’ was released by Naughty Boy on Soundcloud on Monday, with the message “Let the music do the talking. There is nothing but love for what was left behind,” and the hashtag “zaughty”.



But before Naughty Boy directed the fans to the new music, he re-tweeted a video that showed the words “Naughty Boy saved my life, Zaughty will rise.” While many fans have expressed their approval of the new song and support for the pair, Naughty Boy has received a considerable amount of negative messages from One Direction fans on Twitter for the move.

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson expressed his anger at Naughty Boy’s decision to promote the video, calling the producer “inconsiderate” and telling him to “grow up,” before telling the band’s fans that they’re “unbelievable” and that he can’t wait for the next gig in Cape Town.


Tomlinson’s comments were applauded by the One Direction fans, who instantly picked up the hashtag ‘Masterofallwisdom’ to show how much they loved the singer’s “sass” and his “slaying” of Naughty Boy.