Macaulay Culkin’s Pizza Underground cancel remaining UK gigs: 'Believe it or not we had fun'

The band have been met with criticism and flying pints of beer during some their UK performances

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Macaulay Culkin’s comedy band Pizza Underground have cancelled the remainder of their UK tour dates.

In a heartfelt tweet on Friday, the band told their 9,000 followers, “Sad that we had to cancel UK shows. Believe it or not we had fun! But all good things must end, and sometimes suddenly and w/o explanation.”

The Home Alone star’s group were pelted with pints of beer and booed off stage during a performance at Rock City in Nottingham, although their agent has insisted the cancellations are unrelated.

The New York quintet, who parody Velvet Underground songs using pizza-themed lyrics, stormed off after only 15 minutes into their performance last Sunday.


Culkin, 33, who first shot to fame in the Home Alone films as Kevin McAllister, was playing at the Dot to Dot Festival when the audience forced the band off the stage.

Culkin attempted to stay calm at first, shouting back at the crowd: “Why are you throwing these? I’d rather drink them!”

But eventually, the band retreated after getting soaked with alcohol, with Culkin telling the audience: “That’s the end of the show, goodnight.”

One anonymous fan told the Nottingham Post: “It just sounds awful, I can’t believe he is doing this,” adding, “Why bother? It must go down well in America or something.”

But the incident was not an isolated one. The band received a similar reception in Manchester’s Zoo when they played there two weeks ago.

The band started off as a joke back in 2012 before releasing their first music video and cassette earlier this year.

The former child actor plays the kazoo and percussion in the band, along with providing vocals.