Madonna matches Elvis's chart record with 36th US Top 10

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Madonna, returned to her dance music roots, has equalled Elvis Presley's record of 36 Top 10 hits in the US Billboard charts.

It has taken her 22 years, starting with "Holiday" back in 1983. She has appeared in the Billboard Hot 100 every year since. Her 36th Top 10 hit is her new single "Hung Up".

Elvis achieved 36 Top 10 hits in just 16 and a half years, starting with "Heartbreak Hotel" in 1956 and ending with "Burning Love" in 1972.

"Hung Up", and Madonna's new album, Confessions on a Dance Floor - which went straight to No 1 in the Billboard 200 - mark a return to form for the star in the United States. Madonna, 47, hasn't had a hit in the Billboard Top 10 since 2002. She is also currently topping both the British album and singles charts.

In fact, it's wall-to-wall Madonna at the moment. Her pending documentary I'm Going to Tell You a Secret has sparked no end of gossip about her marriage, the way she raises her children - rather more strictly than some expected - and her adherence to the tenets of Kabbalah.

The latest little leak from the documentary is Madonna's concern about hubby Guy Ritchie. "It's hard for him traipsing around the world with a girl," she observes. "No one wants to be anybody's trailer bitch."

Through previous leaks, we know that Madonna was a touch disappointed with Guy after she married him but that she found the maturity to chuck all the old soulmate dreams, knuckle down and make her marriage work.

Recent live appearances in London and the video for "Hung Up" have also generated endless column inches about Madonna's latest renaissance and the shape she - and particularly her pert, hot-pants-clad, very unfortysomething rear end - is in.

Cosmetic surgery has been speculated about - she denies it - and sexiness questioned. Madonna was no doubt gutted by columnist Tony Parsons' recent revelation that he has never considered her sexy.

But as Madge pulls alongside Elvis in the chart record books, one thing is undeniable. She is looking a lot better than the rock 'n' roll legend turned Las Vegas showman did in his forties.