Madonna's new video looks suspiciously like Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood'

'B*tch I'm Madonna' stars all of Swift's biggest pop rivals...

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In her latest effort to get down with the kids, Madonna appears to have taken a leaf out of Taylor Swift’s book in her new video.

The artwork for the singer’s “B*tch I’m Madonna” looks alarmingly similar to Taylor Swift’s celebrity-endorsed “Bad Blood” video released last month.

Not only does Madge’s video include a host of A-listers to top Taylor Swift’s cohort, the film-like teaser poster also matches Bad Blood's Sin City-inspired artwork for her starring cast.

Katy Perry’s cameo in Madonna’s video will prove the icing on the cake for cynical Swifties. The pop star is alleged to be one of Swift’s biggest industry enemies, with many fans speculating that “Bad Blood” was an underhand slight at Perry.


Equally, none of Madonna’s star-studded cast - including Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Rita Ora and Miley Cyrus - appeared in “Bad Blood”, suggesting they were already contracted to star in Madge’s video.

Fans will be able to see if Madonna really is taking on Taylor Swift for the new Queen of Pop title when the “B*tch I’m Madonna” video drops in the next 24 hours.