Meow The Jewels: Hip-hop community raises $50,000 to remake album using entirely cat sounds

Just Blaze will contribute feline hi-hats

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El-P and Killer Mike's Run The Jewels 2 will be remixed as Meow The Jewels now that a Kickstarter campaign backed by the rappers has successfully reached its $45,000 goal.

Created by fan Sly Jones and spurred on by the support of r/hiphopheads, the project will see the album re-recorded "using nothing but cat sounds for music", with all profits from the album going to charity.

As someone pointed out on Twitter, El-P and Killer Mike are "the first mother*ckers to raise 45 grand to make a second version of an album that hasn't even been released yet."

Major hip hop producer Just Blaze has boarded the project, tweeting that it "looks like I'll be contributing some feline hi-hats to @MeowTheJewels" (I really hope there's a "Just Meoooooow!" watermark).

Following this, other producers The Alchemist. Geoff Barrow, Skywlkr, Zola Jesus, Nick Rook, Baauer, Prince Paul, Dan The Automator, Boots, and Tier Contributor Solidified Sun have all agreed to get involved.

There is no word yet on a release date, but this is definitely going to happen. The purrs of cats as bass drums, their hisses as hi-hats. I need to sit down.