Michael Jackson 'Moonwalk' glove set to sparkle at auction

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A rhinestone-studded leather glove worn by pop icon Michael Jackson on his maiden Moonwalk in 1983, was on display Tuesday in New York before it rocks on to the auction block.

The sparkling bit of pop history was among 350 lots in the catalogue at the sale set to take place Saturday at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York's Times Square.

For fans of the late King of Pop, about 80 items are up for grabs, from the singer's public and private sides.

Among the Jackson belongings: a pair of sparkle-encrusted shoes, portraits of Charlie Chaplin drawn by Jackson when he was just nine years old, a black shirt signed by the star, hats, a 1985 Mercedes, handwritten letters, and assorted travel souvenirs.

The glove could fetch more than the estimated 40,000-60,000 dollars, as a number of collectors already have voiced interest, said Darren Julien of Julien's Auction.

"We have toured the glove to Asia, Russia. There is a lot of interest, people are flying from all over the world on Saturday," he noted.

The "made in Korea" left-handed golf glove encrusted with Swarovski crystals was probably purchased for about 30 dollars, Julien said. But it was famously worn by the star in a televised concert marking Motown's 25th anniversary.

Jackson wowed viewers, performing the song "Billie Jean" and premiering his Moonwalk moves for mass consumption.

"This was his most historical performance. ... It was his first performance of Moonwalk, he performed it in his kitchen at home two nights before," says Julien.

Jackson died on June 25 at his rented mansion in Los Angeles after an accidental overdose of powerful prescription drugs.