Morrissey attacks Barack Obama over 'Thankskilling' turkey slaughter

The Smiths singer has called the president 'environmentally irresponsible'

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Singer Morrissey has posted an open letter to "embarrassingly stupid" US president Barack Obama criticising America's "viciously cruel" animal rights record.

Entitled 'Thankskilling', the letter claims that 45 million turkeys are "horrifically abused" over a holiday period that unashamedly "supports torture".

The Smiths frontman wrote on his fan website True To You that the Thanksgiving 'turkey pardon' ceremony at the White House is "environmentally irresponsible" and sets an "abysmal example".

During the annual tradition, the US president is presented with a live National Thanksgiving Turkey he then spares from the slaughterhouse with a 'presidential pardon'.

Thanksgiving turkeys are "dragged through electrified stun baths and then have their throat slits" as "President Obama laughs", Morrissey said.

A long time animal advocate, the "Suedehead" singer continued: "As Ingrid Newkirk from PETA points out, turkey 'meat' is one of [America's[ top killers, causing heart attacks and strokes in humans due to saturated animal fats and cholesterol."

Morrissey has penned songs about animal rights in the past, singing "the turkey you festively slice is murder do you know how animals die?" in the pro-vegetarian "Meat Is Murder".

The turkey pardon took place earlier today after The White House allowed voters to choose which turkey would be spared via a poll posted on Twitter. Popcorn beat Caramel to the honour but Obama pardoned them both "a reprieve from cranberry sauce and stuffing".

Morrissey is no stranger to verbal tirades. Just last week he engaged with Russell Brand's call for a political revolution in another fan site letter lamenting the "sick face of modern Britain".

The singer was revealed earlier this week as one of the artists to perform at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in December, alongside Jake Bugg and Mary J Blige.