Morrissey refuses to appear on US chat show with 'animal serial killers'


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First he succeeded in turning LA's Staples Centre vegetarian. Now former Smiths frontman Morrissey has refused to appear on an American TV chat show because his fellow guests are "animal serial killers".

The "Meat Is Murder" singer and animal rights activist had been due to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show tonight. But he cancelled his appearance on the ABC show because members of a reality show called Duck Dynasty were also invited.

The reality show, Duck Dynasty, following the Robertson family of Louisiana, has been compared to Keeping Up With The Kardashians but will duck hunters. The family runs a business selling duck calls and decoys.

Morrissey yesterday that he can't perform on a show promoting people who "amount to animal serial killers."

A&E, the channel behind Duck Dynasty, did not immediately respond to requests for comment from it and the Robertson family.

A person familiar with the Kimmel show's plans confirmed to AP that Morrissey was to appear.

Morrissey's performance will now be rescheduled.

Last week Morrissey demanded that the Staples Centre venue ban “flesh as food” during his gig on 1 March.

He was forced to cancel several tour dates last month suffering from a bleeding ulcer.