Muddy eye view: Glastonbury Festival in the rain, sludge and floods

Press Association snapper Yui Mok shares his favourite shots from years of covering Britain's biggest music festival

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I have covered the Glastonbury Festival as a photographer for the national news agency, the Press Association, since 2002. Throughout this time, the event has appeared synonymous with bad weather, and specifically mud, but only three of the last nine years have truly lived up to this billing.

From a photographer’s perspective it is always hard work, come rain or shine. I will trek many miles over the five days, with camera equipment in tow, sometimes for up to 15 hours each day - glamorous it certainly isn’t.

Despite the daily grafting, the images I deliver are rewarding enough for my effort. Glastonbury will always produce a different atmosphere each year, and create a new story to share with our audience.

I particularly remember the flash flooding and submerged tents from 2005, and the media storm around Kate Moss and Pete Doherty’s relationship two years later.

Notably, I was there for Jay-Z’s much-anticipated headline performance in 2008, and the sudden death of Conservative politician, Christopher Shale, during the 2011 festival.

I have covered many events during my time at PA, but Glastonbury remains my favourite of the summer; mud infused or otherwise!

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