Music (of sorts): The Golden Gate Bridge is feelin' groovy


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Undemanding, fairly low-maintenance and very visible, the Golden Gate Bridge may be the ideal popstar.

Perhaps that explains why to mark its 75th year of carrying the heavy weight of San Francisco's traffic, it has released a song – or at least has had a song released on its behalf. The San Francisco Synthesiser Ensemble's moody, one might even say atmospheric, track is made up entirely from the moans and groans the bridge emits as the day's 120,000 cars travel across its back.

It's certainly a peculiar achievement for a bridge – but not unique. The Bee Gees smash "Jive Talkin'", with its incessant, rolling rhythm actually owes its genesis to the bridge at Biscayne Bay in Miami, the chunka-chunka-chunka sound of their car rolling over it having inspired the Gibb brothers to create the legendary guitar riff.

It remains to be seen whether the Golden Gate's effort can live up to "Jive Talkin's" two weeks at No 1 in the US charts, however. Listen: