Music: The real High Fidelity has a very low tolerance


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For many non-musos, the idea of going into a second-hand record shop could best be summed up by the scene in High Fidelity in which insolent record-shop employee Barry (played by Jack Black in the film) bawls out a man who is shopping for Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called To Say I Love You".

This week a second-hand record store in Chicago (the setting for the film) joined the ranks of the intolerant when a picture appeared of its "Do Not Ever BUY List". This includes any albums by The Eagles, Fun Lovin' Criminals, kd lang and Sting, plus any "second-tier hip-hop" and "anything Pitchforky".

The list – created by staff at Laurie's Planet of Sound – immediately sparked anger among fans of some of the acts listed. But it's not really snobbery – it's simple business sense – these are the records which people disproportionally don't want any more. Ipso facto, no one wants to buy them either.

Laurie's responded to a tweet defending one of the artists ("You're killing us with this Do Not Never Ever Buy List! We love Stone Temple Pilots!") with the diplomatic: "We do too, but I bet you haven't had to purchase a copy of any of their albums on CD in the last 10 years."

Fair enough.