Music: Watch your back, Beyonce - your little sister rocks


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There's always been a certain amount of pity directed at Solange Knowles, younger sister of reigning queen of pop, Beyoncé. But could the 26-year-old be having the last laugh? While 'B' has been taking a rest from the industry, Solange has been busy making some music of her own. And it's pretty damn great.

Her new single "Losing You" is a peppy, infectious R&B tune and the accompanying video is a delight. Filmed in Cape Town, it sees Knowles twirling around with a group of brightly clothed dandies known as Les Sapeurs (Society of Tastemakers and Elegant People), whose sartorial leanings are so fabulous there's even a book about them, Gentlemen of Bacongo.

Solange and gang then goof around in an empty stadium, go to a party and jump in a pool. You'd never see Beyoncé necking a bottle of spirits in one of her videos. But then Solange is the cooler Knowles.

She eschews Manhattan in favour of Brooklyn, once covered Dirty Projectors and is releasing her album on a label co-run by a member of Grizzly Bear. The new track has been getting so much love on social networking sites that Popjustice even tweeted: "Just need to check this, is there anyone on Twitter who doesn't like the Solange single?"