Music: Who'd have thought DJs were such delicate flowers...


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Who would want to be a world famous DJ, eh? Getting paid thousands of pounds for an evening's work, flown around the world, having a huge crowd revere you and then, at the end of the night, having the pick of the club to take home. Tough old life. Yet you'd be surprised at how riled up some top DJs can get. And where else do they like to take out their sulks but Twitter, of course. An account on the social networking site called @DJsComplaining has retweeted some preposterous moans from some of the world's biggest DJs, including furious complaints about room service, airlines and boredom with champagne. The profile picture is of a little girl crying. Boo hoo, indeed.

DJ Yoda @DJYodaUK

"So stressful wearing brand new trainers in the club"

Scuba @ScubaUK

"Genuinely hate public transport"

Zomboy @Zomboy_music

"So Eurostar's take on a latte is instant coffee and microwaved milk..."

Chase & Status @chaseandstatus

"well done @sheratonhotels @ Brussels airport for having the worst, toughest piece of rubber that's masqueraded as a sirloin steak. Garbage"

Ben Westbeech @benwestbeech

"How else can I drink champers here? I'm bored and I'm running out of ideas. Kir royale, Bellini, bucks fizz, and original all done."

Erol Alkan @erolalkan

"Going back in the studio, first day this month without having to do an interview."

Dave Clarke @DJDaveClarke

"In Paris, but of room service possible, nice hotel otherwise, but some things on the road stay the same in Paris."

Mosca @DeejayMosca

"I know I can't complain about my job but it wd be nice, just once, if reception told the maids that u have late checkout"