Ned Flanders-themed metal band Okilly Dokilly explore the neighbour's dark side in 'White Wine Spritzer' music video

'Awh hell, gimme a white wine spritzer!'

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Remember that Phoenix, Arizona-based band themed around, dressed like, and taking their lyrics exclusively from, Springfield resident Ned Flanders?

They’ve been busy working on an album in the months since they went viral - Howdilly Dowdily - and finally released it this month.

‘White Wine Spritzer’ is the first single to be taken from it, a blast beat-heavy, synth-laden track that remembers the time Ned cut loose with Homer in Las Vegas, ordering the drink and ending up marrying cocktail waitresses.

“Ah hell, give me a white wine spritzer” is the chorus, with another of Ned’s lines from the Simpsons scene, “you only live once” forming the verse.

The band appear to be channelling Flanders’ darker side, which has always been bubbling under the surface, though previous songs have mined lighter moments, like ‘All That Is Left’ which frontman Head Ned described as an “homage to the Leftorium”.

“You are all the greatest neighborinos anyone could ask for,” the band said after they blew up: “We're hard at work right now, making plenty of Nedal things for all your Nedal needs. This little independent band is very thankful for all of your support.”