Nicki Minaj 'Anaconda': Singer releases predictably NSFW video

The video is as unsavoury as Minaj's teaser pictures suggest

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After drip-feeding the internet with NSFW pictures from her new video, Nicki Minaj has finally released “Anaconda” on her official Vevo channel.

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Set to a remix of Sir Mix A Lot’s “Baby Got Back”, the video features Minaj in various bikinis thrusting her huge behind at the camera at every angle imaginable.

When she’s not gyrating on a chair in cut-off denim shorts or working out in a barely there G-string hanging out of her tracksuit, the singer and rapper can be seen in the kitchen squirting whipped cream on her body as she cuts up a banana.

The video ends with Minaj dancing seductively on rapper Drake’s lap, who could not look less turned on if he tried.

Perhaps Drake’s bland facial expression reflects what we are all thinking.

In this post-Miley Cyrus world, are we shocked, disturbed, or titillated by videos of naked pop stars prancing about in bizarre costumes? No, we are bored.


Minaj could have made up for her predictable video with a late summer smash hit, but the song has none of her usual zaniness and seems to have been produced entirely for the sake of the video.

In the words of one YouTube commenter: “It all went downhill from Super Bass.”

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