No More Page 3 campaign makes bid for Christmas number one

Organisers are releasing a song to fight 'the might of The X Factor and The Sun'

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The No More Page 3 campaign is making a bid for this year’s Christmas number one to fight "the might of The Sun".

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Featuring singer-songwriter Miss Baby Sol, "Now's The Time" will be released on 15 December to coincide with the annual race for the festive top spot, which in past years has been dominated by the winner of ITV talent show, The X Factor.

"We realise that this is a massive undertaking," a statement from No More Page 3 organisers reads. "But you know us, we’re brave, we love a challenge and we don't want fear of failure to stop us having a go."

The track is available to stream on YouTube, but it lacks a video. The team are asking supporters to submit ideas, which could be homemade on a phone, a slideshow of photos and messages, a story of Page 3 or a collection of reasons why the campaign is so important.

"Now's The Time" opens with the following lyrics: "I heard them saying/ We'll never change the news/ Yet the storm is raging/ Between the old and new.

"They say you're dreaming/ When you call for change/ Cos the world is sleeping/ And people won't wake up these days."

Anyone wanting to contribute to the project has a deadline of Friday 12 December.

"We'd like to ask you, with all our hearts, to get behind this Christmas single venture," the statement concludes. "We can only do it if you all get behind it. The song may well not be your cup of tea, you make think we're foolish even attempting it but even so, please, do get behind us.

"Imagine if we did it. Imagine if we, passionate members of the public, stand up against the might of The X Factor and The Sun. Imagine if the campaign song is played on the chart shows, if the video is shown on TV, imagine the news stories.

"Let's do this! And make it glorious!"

No More Page 3 in brief

1) Page 3 was first introduced in the Seventies - campaigners think it's time The Sun moved with the times and changed its attitude towards women accordingly.

2) NMP3 believe Page 3 teaches children that men are here to run the country, have opinions and achieve while women's role is to "stand topless in their pants showing their bare breasts for men".

3) NMP3 claims that the largest female image in The Sun every weekday for the past 44 years has been of a young woman baring her breasts, "sending out a powerful message that whatever else a woman acheives, her primary role is to serve men sexually".


4) NMP3 think women should be celebrated for their many achievements as they are "people not things" - Page 3 "perpetuates and normalises horrible sexist 'banter'".

5) NMP3 believes The Sun would be a stronger newspaper without Page 3 because any story they run about women's issues is "contradicted by the neon flashing sign of Page 3 that says 'shut up, girls, and get your tits out".

6) NMP3 think a family newspaper is the "wrong context" for bare breasts and asks that women be "represented with respect like men are".